Monday, March 12, 2012

Thought we'd share some resources.

Each week the guys over at Comiclist compile a list of what is coming out of the course of the coming weeks.
Certainly helpful and easy on the eyes.

Another great resource for Comic book news is io9! They are a gizmodo blog so you get some sensational shit sometimes but it's always a good stop on information super highway.... i did just say that. next up is Newsarama. Home of the TOP TEN everything comic books. They get the exclusives, they have the inside scoops blah blah blah. Comic book resources here is another one. I never visit this site mostly just because i don't care about how it looks. It does have some great articles from time to time though. Digital spy  most of the news is entertainment related here. I've linked to the "comics" section of the site. Like anywhere else these days much of the stories are related to the film industry in how it relates to they super hero genre. Lastly and my personal favorite. We have Reddit.
Reddit is a user news submissions aggregation site. users upvote and downvote links, stories, pictures etc.
what ends up on the front page is a result of this user activity. Reddit is a community more than it is anything else.
It is everything else and you anything else you could ever find. It is the first and last page of the Internet itself.

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